Welcome to my personal blog ! This blog is also the temporary home of my 2030 ET story project.

I turn 40 on the 26th of June! To celebrate, I’ve challenged myself to accomplish 3 goals (blog post a day, run 1/2 marathon, finish & self-publish novella). Read more about my “Race to 40!” challenge.

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Please visit the “Shop” page and download a free copy of the DRAFT Prologue and Chapter 1 of my 2030 ET book project.

The first “cycle” of the book comprises the prologue and approximately eight (long) chapters.  Together they form a novella (approx. 150 pages or 50,000 words) that introduces you to the world of 2030, set in the near future.  There are two other cycles in development as well as outlines for several more.  I most likely will release cycles 1 and 2 as a book in Fall/Winter 2016.

Thank you for your interest; it means a lot to me!

Note: This site is functional but still under development; to borrow a term from the hospitality industry, www.adrianjonklaas.com is in “soft launch” and will be incrementally improved through Spring and Summer 2016. Its companion site, www.2030et.com, will be launched later in 2016.