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A promise

“This will not be another blog about blogging.”

Or perhaps it will, in a way ūüėČ

Will I document my experience as a blogger, yes, especially if there are useful insights to share. Will I promise to show you how to make money as a blogger, no.

So more specifically, my promise is:

“This¬†will not¬†be a blog about being a professional blogger.”

You see,¬†my blog is first and foremost a platform for me as a writer (learn more about my 2030 ET book project) to engage with my audience. Only a¬†quarter of my book is written at the moment (most of the first “cycle”).¬† While there is an outline for the rest of it, your views, opinions and feedback can influence the rest of the story.

Second, my blog is a repository for my thoughts and ideas. I blog to force me to think about things I am interested in with more specificity and in greater detail and depth, before I put my thoughts and ideas out into the world. I look forward to your feedback and growing and learning through the process.

Third, I blog for posterity. Yes, perhaps my third reason is a bit too egotistical, I know.¬†But it’s¬†a comforting thought that search engine spiders crawling over this post and page will be recording my words for as long as the power stays on in this world ūüôā


Aspiring Author and Entrepreneur.

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