10 Things I Hated About Star Wars The Force Awakens

1) The Age of the Characters Depicted

“The villain, his distorted voice promises

A twisted black soul and a torturous fate to all who oppose.

Without the mask, he is exposed as an emo teenager

whose voice is in the process of dropping.

The Millennial new heroes,

Rey and Finn,

Are paired with the weatherworn Han and Leia.

Teenagers and old people;

What about everyone in between?”

2) Incredible plot leaps stretching suspension of disbelief to breaking point

a) Han Solo and Chewie find the Millennium Falcon in space even though they have been looking for it for years after it was stolen from them? Space is the ultimate haystack to find a needle; at least the planets in the Star Wars galaxy are finite in number and have finite locations. Nobody thought to look on Jakku? After all, Jakku was the location of the first major battle between the New Republic and The Empire after the Battle of Endor (depicted in Return of the Jedi)…so it’s not like Jakku is a totally unknown planet.

3) Snokes

Others have said it; I repeat: “Snokes: a silly Harry Potter name and a silly Harry Potter look.”

4) The Death Star …again?

a) That’s 3 times the Death Star has been destroyed now…the Empire / First Order have spent unknown trillions on the previous Death Stars and lost tens of thousands of soldiers…and the Death Stars are still vulnerable to attack and destruction by tiny (in comparison) X-wing fighters and grenades / explosive charges?;

b) The splitting laser beam from the Death Star can be viewed in real time from planets in other systems light years away? At the speed of light, the laser beam would take many many years to reach the planets…<face palm>;

c) The new Death Star “Starkiller Base” can gobble up stars to generate laser pulses; why not use the device that can suck up stars (presumably a gravity well of some kind) as the weapon? Sucking up a star of a solar system is going to destroy that solar system anyway;

d) The Death Star that looks like the ESPN Sports Centre logo.

5) Trivialising the great Jedi weapon, the light sabre

Finn uses it with ease; the storm trooper counters it with his rifle;

6) Rey vs. Kylo Renn

Rey beats Kylo Renn fairly comprehensively. Kylo is the leader of the Knights of Renn…ultimately he is a bit of a wimp; I guess he is all show and little substance, which is a shame after the great villains of previous Star Wars episodes.

7) Han Solo’s death

Han’s death is treated as if it was nothing significant by the New Republic; Hell, Leia doesn’t even cry…

8) Finn worked as a janitor and knows how to defeat the Death Star

9) the Germanic accent of Phasma…ok we get it, First Order are Nazis

10) Phasma

Phasma disables the shields without a fight??? The captain of the guard is a total wimp; wasted character with a lot more potential.


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