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The Race to 40!

Today marks the thirty-two-day countdown to my 40th birthday! My birthday is on the 26th of June, so my 40th is one month and one day away!


An aside: It is 23:30 PST here in Vancouver so perhaps it’s best to think of my birthday as one (31 day) month away. But the number thirty-two is important (more on that in a separate post), so I wanted to start the challenge from today, the 25th of May, 2016.


In honour of this momentous occasion (j/k), I would like to challenge myself over the next thirty-two days to achieve several longstanding goals of mine that need a bit (ok, a lot!) of impetus behind them.


To celebrate my 40th birthday I have decided to accomplish one minor goal and two major goals:

  1. Post to my blog at least once per day; this is a minor goal, but required to bring my blog to life; it’s been anemic since its inception in March this year;
  2. Compete in my first half marathon; I am targeting a fairly challenging time of less than 2 hours; I consider this a major goal given that I have only ever run 10 kilometres before; and
  3. Finish and self-publishing my novella; this is a major life goal of mine! I’m about 75% done with the writing but have tons of editing to do.


Lot’s more details on the goals will be shared over the next few days. Watch this space.


Please note: part of the reason I am putting these goals out there is that your support will help me cross the finish line. Your support and encouragement are appreciated! Come along and join “Team Adrian” as I compete against the clock and myself 🙂


Let the “Race to 40” begin!

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4 thoughts to “The Race to 40!”

  1. Go AJ!!!

    Very good and noble goals all three. For what it’s worth, this “new Adrian” is very inspirational!! Keep it up bro.

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