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Race to 40!: Strategy to Achieve “Goal #1”

First and foremost, a big “thank you” to everybody who supported me on Facebook and Twitter by liking and/or retweeting my “Race to 40!” announcement yesterday as well as the many of you who reached out to me directly with messages of encouragement. Without your support this would not be possible; your support is a big part of my motivation!


For those of you who are following along, yesterday I kicked started my “Race to 40!” challenge, which is to accomplish one minor goal and two major goals before my 40th birthday on June 26th.


My first goal as part of my “Race to 40!” challenge is to:

  • Post to my blog at least once per day;


It’s 23:50 PST here in Vancouver, so I’m cutting it VERY close, but I’ve got it done! Wouldn’t it have been terrible if I messed up at the first hurdle; it happens sometimes, but it would have been extremely poor planning on my part. Fortunately, I wrote half of this post before I headed out to the Vancouver Pixel Crafters Startup Drinks event so even though it was raining and I missed my Skytrain stop on the way back (Mr. Murphy rears his ugly head again!), I still got home in time to get this post completed and out 🙂


Out of the three goals, this is the one that I consider easiest to achieve; it is a minor goal, but an important goal, required to bring my blog to life. Since its inception on the March 8th this year, I have written 10 blog posts in total, which is an average of (just under) one post a week. My initial target when I set up my blog was to post about once a week so on the surface, not bad, goal met.


A simple analysis of the dates of the posts, however, show that the posts have come in fits and starts. April 20th saw 3 blog posts for instance when Matt (@Matt_M_Leonard) and I launched our movie debate series. But there also have been several gaps of 2-3 weeks in between posts. Not what you need if you are a blogger trying to achieve some traction in the form of regular and new eyeballs to your site.


Perhaps most concerning is the subject matter of the posts:

  • Six of the blog posts are movie / TV series reviews or related;
  • One post relates to entrepreneurship;
  • One is related to blogging;
  • One is a funny personal story; and
  • One is related to the “Race to 40!” goals.


On my “About AJ” page there is a note that my blog is mainly going to be about my interests, which are: science, technology, futurism, sociology, religion, politics, economics, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and real estate.  The note goes on to say that, I will blog about fun stuff like writing, blogging, hiking, food, movies, and video games 🙂


If you look at the subject matter I intended to blog about vs. what I actually blogged about, you can tell that it is skewed towards the fun stuff instead of my interests. I like products that do what they say on the tin so I am going to use this “Goal #1” of a blog post a day to realign the posts to match both my more serious interests and pursuits as well as my hobbies.


Note: on my “Welcome” page you are informed that my personal blog is also the (temporary) home of my 2030ET story project so it makes sense to blog about my novella and introduce it to you.


I am really excited as I have a surprise for you with regards to my 2030ET project which I will reveal to you in two days when I blog about “Goal #3.”


To both achieve “Goal #1” and to do so in a meaningful way that aligns with what I original intended my blog to be about, it makes sense to outline a schedule of blog posts for the next 31 days.


Here is the preliminary “WIP” schedule of blog posts:

Blog Post Schedule

Easy, right?! I hope you continue to follow along and see how I actually do 🙂


Aspiring Author and Entrepreneur.

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