2030 ET Silhouette

A Surprise: Early Concept Art for my 2030 ET Novella

Today I have the pleasure of revealing to you a surprise with regards to my 2030 ET novella project. I’ve been keeping this surprise under wraps for two months. Apart from a very few (i.e. less than 10) close friends and family members, I’ve told no one about this. It’s been a struggle, not spilling the beans, as I am so excited about the surprise 🙂


Ladies and gents, without further delay, I would like to introduce you to the first sketch produced by a professional illustrator for my 2030 ET project.

Silhouette of Arthur Raind in Gen 2 Battle Suit


If you sign up for my blog newsletter here, which in addition to a biweekly summary of blog posts will also update you on my 2030 ET novella as well as share content related to the story not available elsewhere, I will email you the final piece of concept art in full colour on June 30th following the launch of the novella. In fact, you will receive a minimum of 3 pieces of art from me (and possibly up to 5) if you sign up before June 30th, so sign up now!


This first sketch is from the prologue / first chapter of the 2030 ET novella. In the draft release of the novella on my blog this is a scene from the prologue but in the final novella the prologue has been turned into a fully fledged chapter…hence the prologue from the draft becomes chapter 1 in the final release and chapter 1 from the draft becomes chapter 2 in the final release.


The sketch portrays the central protagonist, Arthur Raind, in his (generation 2) battle suit, while combat training in his virtual reality training room. The suit provides ballistic armor protection, ablative heat shielding from laser weapons, and semi-active camouflage. The weapon that Arthur is holding is similar to a Roman sword, i.e. it is intended for stabbing. Unlike a sword made of iron/steel, Arthur’s sword is made from a carbon composite around a titanium core (for paramagnetic properties in addition to strength). The diamond edges of the blade are reinforced by a carbyne mesh giving it extremely hard cutting surfaces in addition to a degree of flexibility (so it doesn’t snap).


Mini-spoiler alert: if you read the draft chapter of the prologue and chapter 1 on my blog, you will discover that Arthur is not all about his suit. Any guesses as to what his “abilities / superpowers” are? Note: there are no X-Men like abilities derived from mutant genes in the 2030 ET story, nor is there magic. All abilities have been engineered based on the cutting edge technology of 15 years from now. If you didn’t get it as yet, “2030 ET” is set in the year “2030”! Feel free to comment on Arthur’s “superpowers” if you have read the draft material.


I have commissioned a number of pieces of concept art and over the next few weeks I will be releasing the sketches and a selection of Work In Progress colored concept art pieces. Note: The final pieces will only be available for those who subscribe to my blog or those who purchase the novella, so do sign up if you would like to view some amazing art for free 🙂


I hope you enjoy the art. My ultimate dream is to turn the novella (and/or related stories set in the same future universe) into a graphic novel or anime. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for a collaboration.


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