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Disclosure: this post is a shameless plug for my (in progress) novella “2030 ET: Tribulation”. But you may also find some of the ideas within interesting and unusual so please read on!


Thirteen days ago, on May 25th, I launched my “Race to 40!” challenge. June 26th is my 40th birthday, and the point of the “Race to 40!” challenge is to accomplish three goals by my 40th birthday.


Wouldn’t it have made sense to launch the challenge on May 26th instead? A nice round one month to achieve the three goals?


The reason I launched on May 25th instead of May 26th is that I specifically wanted 32 days to accomplish the challenge: the month of May has thirty-one days so six days from May 25th to May 31st + twenty-six days in June = 32 days to accomplish the goals before my birthday. It was important for me that the timeframe to achieve my goals should be thirty-two days and not thirty-one days or 1 month.


Why “32”? What is the significance?


The significance has to do with numerology. A character in my 2030 ET story has a fascination with numbers. The character is Solomon Raind, the father of the protagonist, Arthur Raind.


Disclosure: before I get comments calling me crazy or otherwise, the numerology I am about to outline is not something I believe in necessarily but what the character Solomon Raind believes in. Solomon’s obsession with numbers has rubbed off on his son Arthur as well to a certain extent.


This is how Solomon Raind would view the number “32”:


Split “32” into its constituent parts: “3” and “2”;


“3” + “2 = “5”;


“5” is symbolic of the Archangel Michael, a righteous force for order. This is a good start for a project about accomplishing “goals”.


Also, 32 has the unique property that 32 = 1^1 + 2^2 + 3^3; note: the “^” (hat) symbol means “to the power of”;


To put it another way, 32 = (1 * 1) +( 2 * 2) + (3* 3 * 3);


This is a very unique property that the number “32” is the sum of the first three primes to the power of themselves.


If Solomon Raind believes the number “5” represents The Archangel Michael, what do you think the number “1” represents to him?


That’s right, Solomon believes that the number “1” represents God, the Father, the Creator, the Unity. Similarly, the number “2” represents the Son, the Word, the First Creation, the Binary, the Male and Female; and the number “3” represents the Spirit, or a creative, playful, energetic force that breaks the binary mold of Black and White, Ying and Yang, Good and Evil.


The numbers “1”, “2” and “3”, as the first three Primes, have great power. Together, the represent the Trinity, a Godhead, a Triune.


Now with this in mind, look at the unique property of the number “32” again: 32 = (1 * 1) +( 2 * 2) + (3* 3 * 3).


The fact that 32 is the sum of each member of the Trinity to the power of Themselves gives it a exceptional power. So all in all, “32” has characteristics of The Archangel Michael as well as all the members of the Trinity. A highly auspicious number, according to Solomon Raind!


If you ask me, I would tell you that I personally like the number “32”, because several awesome sportsmen have used the number 32 on their jerseys e.g. the Los Angeles Lakers, Hall of Famer Magic Johnson and the Utah Jazz, Hall of Famer Karl Malone.


Read more here on the interesting numerical properties of “32” as well as all the sports players who had “32” on their jerseys.


Now allow me to let you into a little secret, Solomon named Arthur specifically taking into account the numerology that he believes in.


If you take a name and assign numbers to each letter such that a = 1, b = 2, c = 3 and so on, then each name can be represented as the sum of the numbers behind its constituent letters.


For example, “Arthur” is represented as follows:

A = 1

r = 18

t = 20

h = 8

u = 21

r = 18


Summing up the numbers that represent each letter of Arthur’s name, you get “86”.


Doing the same for “Raind” you get the number “46”. Therefore, “Arthur Raind” can be represented by the number (86 + 46 =) “132”.  Did that make sense?


To Solomon Raind, “132” is a special number as well. The prime factorization of is: 132 = 1 *2 ^ 2 * 3 * 11;


If you rearrange the numbers, you get: 132 = 11 * 1 * 2 * 2 * 3;


There is a nice symmetry to it. The number “132” has all the elements of the Trinity in it. In a sense, it is a bastardization of three ones (The Father), two twos (The Son) and one three (The Spirit). 132 also has the “1”, “2”, and “3” in its “name” except in a different order: “1”, “3”, and “2”.


Now here is the sinister part. Remember that Solomon would also add up the constituent digits in a two or more digit number to get a single digit? Recall that “32” was significant because “3” + “2” = “5”, the number of Michael. What is the reduction of “132” in this manner? Do the math; it is the number “6”.


Can you tell me what is so special about the number “6”?

Why is “6” associated with the devil?

Hint: something about its nature makes it represent “ego” and / or the original sin of “pride”.


For anyone who uses the “contact me” form on my blog to answer the above questions about the number “6”, irrespective of whether the answer is right or wrong, I will email you an excel sheet with a “name number generator.” I would greatly appreciate if you sign up for my blog newsletter (optional) as well when you fill in the “contact me” form 🙂


The “name number generator” spreadsheet will give you the number behind any first and last name combination. It’s a very basic spreadsheet that I have used to test and derive the numbers behind the names of some of the key characters in the novella. Note: not all characters have their names selected and tested using this approach. Only characters associated with Solomon Raind. Again I clarify, this is his numerology, not mine!


Another interesting tidbit about Solomon Raind that I hope will pique your curiosity for the novella: Solomon is convinced that the year 2030 is the beginning of the End Times. He has based this on a study of certain prophecies (including prophecies that can be interpreted numerically) in the Bible. Yes, the “ET” in “2030 ET” stands for “End Times”.


There are possibly other valid interpretations for “ET” in the title of the novella, but that is another post some other time!


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