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Race to 40! Progress Update Week 4

Only 9 days left to complete my Race to 40! challenge. Help!


All in all, I’m struggling to accomplish the most important two (of the three) goals I set myself to achieve before my 40th birthday on June 26th.


The following is a progress update on how I have fared this week:


Progress on Goal 1


Two weeks ago I decided to deprioritize writing my blog so that I could get more writing on the novella done. I decided to do so by writing my blogs in the evenings and working on my novella in the morning. While this has helped somewhat, I still find myself spending too much time on my blog and/or social media. My mornings are usually taken up by catching up on emails and spending time networking on social media, which leaves just the afternoons for my novella.


I have managed to successfully post to my blog each day so that is a victory. A Pyrrhic victory perhaps as I have noticed that the number of people who actually read my posts has declined. There obviously is some “Adrian’s blog fatigue” amongst my friends.


The smart thing to do would be to reduce the frequency of blogging to about twice a week but I’ve decided to stick with the once a day post (just because I hate to quit!) though I will aim to keep the posts short and sweet 🙂


Once I am done with my challenge, I will definitely reduce the frequency of posts to once or twice a week, which hopefully will increase traffic to my blog.


Progress on Goal 2


According to the training program that I am following, I was scheduled to run 20 km last Sunday.


However, as my feet have been getting really sore after the last few long runs, I decided to “just” run 15 km. The run itself went well. I started off at a good pace (faster than my intended race pace) and that made all the difference with my overall run pace and time. Even when I started to tire and slow down after 7 to 8 km, slowing down from a relatively fast pace meant that my “slow” speed was actually my target race speed.


The recovery from the 15 km also went well. The muscles were stiff on Monday but better on Tuesday. My feet and joints hurt less than after my 18 km run from the previous Sunday. Two of my toenails are in bad shape though…one is black, and half of the other is turning dark. Again, I decided to skip the Tuesday run, but I did run 7km on Thursday.


I’m seriously contemplating buying a new pair of running shoes this weekend. It will be a big risk (to break in a new pair 1 week from the race) but my current pair of shoes is clearly too tight since they are slamming my toes.


Nine days out from the race the other risk is that I have not run a long enough distance to be 100% sure that I can complete the 21 km and do so at the target pace I have set myself (5:43 min / km; complete the race in 2 hours or less). Yes, I have completed a 15 km run at race pace and an 18 km run at a slower than race pace. The extra 3 km, going from 18 km to 21 km, could be a big deal because I know I tend to really flag after 12 km or so.


At the moment, there is a big question mark over whether I will be able to complete this goal.


Progress on Goal 3


My goal was to complete writing my novella by Sunday, June 12th as I wanted two weeks time from June 12th to June 26th to get the editing done. Today is the 17th and I have still not completed the writing. Realistically, it seems that I will not complete the writing till mid-week. This will give me just 3-4 days to edit 45,000 words. I have edited about half of it previously, but as I have made a lot of changes to the characters and plot, I have to read through everything again and edit both content as well as proofread. Even if I burn the midnight oil, it seems like it will be very challenging to complete the novella by my 40th birthday.


Wish me a productive weekend and week ahead! There will be no weekend as such for me apart from sometime off on Sunday to check out the “Car Free Day” activities on Main Street in the Mount Pleasant neighborhood of Vancouver.


Bye for now! I need to get cracking and maximise every minute if I’m going to accomplish my goals.


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