Crab Battle

Yet Another Concept Art Sketch for my 2030 ET Novella

In today’s blog post I reveal a sketch that I commissioned from a talented artist living here in Vancouver for my novella “2030 ET: Tribulation”.


Special Promotion:

Those who subscribe to my blog newsletter will receive a minimum of 3 pieces of the final color concept art from me (and possibly up to 5) once I self-publish my novella (expected around June 30th). The concept art otherwise would only be made available to those who purchase my novella or participate in other limited promotions. If you are into sci-fi, this is a great opportunity to get some amazing high resolution art that you can use for inspiration, use as wallpaper, or simply just stare at to absorb the detail.


Also, there is a surprise at the end of this post that you do not want to miss!


Sketch # 3

Three week ago, I had the pleasure of revealing to you the first sketch produced by a professional illustrator for my 2030 ET project. You can check it out here if you haven’t seen it already. On June 8th, I also released a second sketch.


The two sketches released so far portray the central protagonist, Arthur Raind. Make sure you read the previous posts on the 2030 ET concept art to get details on Arthur’s (generation 2) battle suit, his diamond-edged sword, and his “superpowers.”


Without further adieu, here is the sketch for this week:

Crab Battle


Mini-Spoiler Alert

The next section reveals details about two characters and a special robot. Though the details provided are relatively minor and are intended as a tease, you may want to skip ahead if you want to enjoy discovering the characters for yourself as you read my novella.


Today’s sketch features: Chan, “The Giant”, and “The Crab”.


Chan is one of the central characters of my novella. Chan is a fierce competitor in Arena Wars, though she competes as a masked anonymous competitor, Alpha One. She is also one of Arthur’s love interests.


I think the sketch makes it clear that The Giant is a physically imposing beast. He stands over 7ft tall (>2.13 meters) and weighs 450 pounds (200 kg). While The Giant could literally rip you apart, not unlike The Mountain (for the GoT fans out there), you see those snake like things coming out of the back of The Giant’s arms? They are his secret weapon, just in case he can’t be bothered crushing your skull with his boot.


The Crab is actually a giant 3D printer used to construct the sets used for Arena Wars. The Crab has claws to place the set pieces on the stage; its other legs can extrude plastic and metal to construct the various set pieces to be assembled.


Congratulations! You have made it to the end of my post. As a reward for reading (or scrolling) to the end of this post, I have an awesome surprise for you.


Since I have received the final full color concept art piece for the above sketch, I have decided to share (a slightly blurred version of) the final piece.


I hope you enjoy the art. My ultimate dream is to turn the novella (and/or related stories set in the same future) into a graphic novel or anime. Feel free to contact me if you have any ideas for a collaboration.

The Giant vs The Crab Blurred


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