Kissing my Scotiabank Half Mara Medal

The Race to 40! – THE RESULTS!

It’s over! It’s 9pm on my 40th birthday and I thought I will get my last post out before I crash. So how did I do?


Goal 1


Success! Including this post, over the course of the 32-day challenge, I have managed to successfully post to my blog each day 🙂


I’ve deviated slightly from my blog topic schedule but not by much. I had to mix up the posts a bit over the last few days to keep the creative juices flowing. I’ve written a piece of flash fiction (for a competition) and a poem over the last three days.


Goal 2


Success! I ran the half-marathon in under 2 hours! I’m still waiting for the official time but according to my Fitbit, I got it done in 1 hour 58 minutes and 32 seconds!

Fitbit Race Result

I am so happy to complete the race given that I skipped runs during my training program and had several little niggles (glute strain, frozen shoulder, stubbed toenails). Also, I was so apprehensive about the race I couldn’t sleep well last night and only slept 4 hours. Making it under my goal of 2 hours, well, I’m chuffed to bits 🙂


The race was hard. It was a sunny day with not a cloud in sight. Though the temperature was a cool 20 degrees Celsius (68 degrees Fahrenheit) running under the direct sunlight was unpleasant. I have to admit that when I hit Burrard Bridge after 17.5 km I had to walk most of the way up the bridge. Fortunately, since I had maintained a fast pace for the first 4 kilometers I could afford to walk a bit and still make my target time.


I salute my fellow runners. Vancouver is an incredibly fit city; I’ve heard it described as a the fittest city in the world. I can attest to that: there were men and women 60+ years old who were much faster than me.


The consequence of my run: very sore legs and four black toenails! Yup, I wore my old (tight) shoes. I thought it too risky to wear the new ones without properly breaking them in.


Goal 3


Partial success: I’ve completed about 95% of the writing and 50 – 60% of the editing. My goal was to complete the “2030ET: Tribulation” novella by today but I’m going to have to eat humble pie and admit I was overly ambitious. I have no regrets that I set this as a target for myself. As my sister-in-law pointed out, if you aim for Mars then even if you fail you can still reach the Moon 🙂


I know several of you are eagerly anticipating its release. It shouldn’t be much longer. Thanks for the patience.


Bonus Goal 1:


I made it to 3,000 Twitter followers today! It’s not really a goal (or an accomplishment) but part of being a successful author is networking on social media and connecting with your target market.

3,000 Twitter Followers


Bonus Goal 2:


I won a Flash Fiction competition that I participated in. The host of the competition, a recognized author, will publish my story on her website. Yay! I can now say that I am a published author. Yeah, yeah, it’s just a 400 word story, I know.


Time to relax…NOT! Read about my goal for the second half of the year here.


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