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New Fitness Challenge: Grouse Grind

Hello World! It’s been a while; about 40 days since I signed off following my 40th birthday at the end of June.


I thought I would kick-start my blog, post my Summer hiatus, with another fitness challenge. Tomorrow, I take on the infamous “Grouse Grind” for the first time.


For those who do not know what the “Grouse Grind” is, it is a 2.9 kilometres climb up the side of Grouse Mountain, which lies on the North Shore of Vancouver. Obviously, the distance isn’t the challenge. It is the elevation gain: 853 metres (2,800 feet), which are “gained” step-by-step over 2,830 stairs!


To put this into perspective, the “Grouse Grind” is comparable to climbing the Burj Khalifa, the World’s tallest structure, which has 2,909 steps from Ground floor to Level 160. While the Burj Khalifa has slightly more stairs, it is 830 metres (2,722 ft) tall so it is in fact slightly shorter than the “Grouse Grind”.


Grouse Grind vs Burj Khalifa


My target is to complete the Grind in under 1 hour. This is going to be an extreme challenge because it requires maintaining your heart rate at its peak (i.e. 160 plus beats per minute) for 60 minutes.


And just to clarify, when I wrote that I was on a “Summer hiatus”, the hiatus extended to my fitness programme and not just to my work.  Specifically, my fitness programme for July was running to the fridge for another beer or slice of cheese. Even though I ran a half marathon on my 40th birthday, I am not in great shape at the moment.


In all seriousness, my wife and I spent a wonderful July with our family who visited us from all over the world. We are so grateful for the time we spent with them 🙂


But now it’s time to get cracking again on editing my book and working on my startup business. First and foremost is to kick-start my metabolism and shake off any lingering holiday malaise. Success is easier to achieve when your body, soul and mind are in tip-top condition. The Grouse Grind sounds like just the challenge to get me going on my many bigger challenges ahead.


Tune in day after tomorrow to find out how I did!


P.S. Here are the Top 10 tips you must know for hiking the Grouse Grind:

Part 1

Part 2


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