Quick update on my novella, the ProtoHack competition, and my first startup!

Hi All,


I thought I would give you a quick update on three things:


The “2030 ET: Tribulation” Novella

The good news is that I’m done with the final draft (175 pages; 45,000 words); the bad news is that I still have to edit it. My intention is to get the editing done and release the novella before the end of the year. I know I have blown my initial timeline and that some of you who are anxiously waiting for my masterpiece 😉 will be disappointed. Thanks for your continued patience and support.



ProtoHack - The code-free hackathon

On Saturday, I take part in an all day “hackathon.” The cool differentiator about “ProtoHack” is that it is for non-technical people, which kind-of is me 🙂 If I do well – it is a competition – I will use the victory as a platform to get some promo for my business. The mobile app prototype which I will develop on Saturday (over the course of 13 hours!) is for a sharing economy / sustainability related idea that I had in May of this year.

I’m developing the prototype in conjunction with Kelly and we are recruiting one, possibly two team members. We prefer someone with UX/UI and/or technical experience. We will also consider marketing whizzes who know how to sell to hipsters. If you are this person (or know of someone in Vancouver who is taking part in ProtoHack and fits the bill) please reach out!


My First “Tech” Startup

As I surreptitiously announced via a Facebook post last month, I’m trying to launch my first tech startup by the beginning of Vancouver StartUp Week on September 25th. My friends and family, which are pretty much all of you who follow this blog, will get an advanced announcement on what it is, I promise!


It is, as ever, your support that keeps me going. Thanks again for the words of encouragement and your belief in me.


Humbly yours,



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