2030 ET Story

A1 Sketches
What if you could predict the future?
What if you do not like where the world is heading?
What if you could do something about it?
Would you fix it? Even if it changes you forever as a person?
As a human?
Do you have the spine to do what it takes?
Do you have the arrogance to play God in these End Times?

This page is for all things related to the 2030 ET book that I am was writing. TL;DR: as of June 2019, I am turning my draft manuscript into a teleplay.

The first cycle of the book was intended to be released as a novella that introduces readers to a cast of larger than life characters living on the edge in Vancouver in the year 2030. The characters’ journeys intersect with the first achievement of the Kurzweil Singularity.

The target was to complete the novella in the Winter of 2018. But life happened and it never got done.

I decided get some objective distance from the material before starting again, reworking the material as a teleplay in 2019.

Thank you for your interest; it means a lot to me! Make sure to check out my 2030 ET blog posts.

OLD Synopsis for Cycle 1, Chapters 1,2,3:

It is January 1st, 2030; the fastest growing hybrid reality sport on the planet, Arena Wars, is hosting its semi-final event in a purpose built facility on Douglas Island, BC. Arthur Raind, the owner of the Arena Wars franchise and a brilliant computer scientist turned billionaire businessman, confronts a mysterious assassination threat together with Inspector Yilmaz of the RCMP and Justine, Arthur’s Head of Security. Hosting a VVIP function at the event, Arthur also has to deal with the machinations of the powerful businessman, Adrian Thorne, who covets Arthur’s latest technology under research, a neural implant that will interface digital reality directly with the human mind. Meanwhile, Alpha One, the anonymous people’s champion from the inaugural Arena Wars event, battles the Chinese challenger, Zhang Jie, in a high tech, high stakes battle to reach the final.

My original goal for 2030 ET was to turn it into a multi-media ebook.

I am was looking to work with talented artists to help me realize my vision. I am very interested in interactive storytelling; please contact me if you share a passion for exploring new modalities of storytelling.