About AJ

Hi! I’m Adrian Jonklaas.

Thanks for stopping by.

In 2015, I decided to change careers and countries. After working as a Director and Head of Consulting in a Real Estate Business Advisory practice in Dubai, I decided to become a writer in beautiful British Columbia;  I am currently working on a science fiction story called 2030 ET.  A free copy of the Prologue is available to download here.

I am also a CFA charterholder and am interested in entrepreneurship and angel investing. I am a member of the Vancouver Angel Technology Network (VANTEC), the National Angel Capital Organization, and the Angel Capital Association. I have made modest investments in start-ups through e-Fund and Timia Capital.

Feel free to contact me through LinkedIn regarding business related opportunities or contact me about my blog and / or 2030 ET project.

My Interests

My blog is mainly going to be about my interests, which are: science, technology, futurism, sociology, religion, politics, economics, philosophy, entrepreneurship, and real estate.  Occasionally, I will blog about fun stuff like: writing, blogging, hiking, food, movies, and video games 🙂

The intention is to blog about once a week to start with. Let’s see how it goes!

Please sign up for my news letter below if you are interested in receiving updates from / about my blog as well as the 2030 ET book.

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