BCMC Results 2

Grouse Grind Success? Well, sort of…

Success! Well, sort of. While I completed the climb in 58 minutes, which was less than my target of 1 hour, The Grind was closed for maintenance so I climbed the adjacent BCMC instead. While the “Grouse Grind” climbs up the side of Grouse Mountain over 2.9 kilometers, the BCMC climbs up the side of Grouse over 3.4 kilometers. To put it another way, the trails start at the same place (parking lot D on Grouse) and finish at the same place (the top of the Grouse mountain) but the BCMC is about 20% longer. This means the slope is less steep: to be precise, the slope is a 25% gradient on the BCMC instead of a 29% gradient on the Grind.

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Half Marathon Route

Race to 40! Goal 2 is accomplished step by step

For today’s post, I elaborated on my second goal in my “Race to 40!” challenge, which is to accomplish one minor goal and two major goals on/before my 40th birthday on June 26th.

My second goal as part of my “Race to 40!” challenge is to: • Compete in my first half marathon;

Most people could compete in a half marathon and complete the race, perhaps by walking a good bit of the way. I am targeting a fairly challenging time of less than 2 hours; simple math suggests that to complete the 21 kilometers in a time of 2 hours or less you have to run at a speed of 10.5 kmph or be on pace to complete a kilometer every 5 minutes and 43 seconds; given the time target I have set myself and never run more than 10 kilometres before competitively (and only once more than 10 km in a practice), I consider this a major goal.

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Toilet flushing

Shit happens!

This Monday morning I woke up full of enthusiasm for the week. I had taken a particularly lazy weekend. While I hiked 11 kilometers and ran another 8 kilometers, I say lazy because I did not get any work done; I define work as working on my book, blog, angel investing or entrepreneurial projects. When I don’t get much done a degree of healthy stress builds up within me and kind of zaps me into an intense state of productivity similar to the effects of a triple macchiato.

Come Monday morning I was rearing to go, full of stress, ideas, and energy to get started on conquering the world (i.e. finishing my novella, typing up a blog post or three, finalizing some contracts, etc. etc.).

Three hours after breakfast, I found myself waiting for a plumber, half the day gone, with none of the objectives met. What happened?

As I alluded to at the start of this post, shit happened, literally.

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