Weekly Business Posts Pt. 2

My “business articles” for the week include (amongst others): Walmart’s foray into grocery deliver in partnership with Uber and Lyft; the war to integrate third party services into Alexa, Google Now and Siri heats up; changes in the VC environment and what it means for startups; why the “bust” of the tech boom may not be such a bad thing; and, why everyone in the tech industry should not learn to code.

Want to learn about Brownies, Centaurs, Djinns, Griffins, Wyrms and more?! Make sure to check out the bonus reference: The beasts of Silicon Valley!

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I Love Science

Weekly Science Links Pt. 2

In my ”Weekly Science Links” post from earlier in the week, I shared some of my favorite sources of science news and analysis. Another tip is to subscribe to science news letters. I subscribe to a series of newsletters from “Seeking Alpha” which provide cutting edge (i.e. first thing in the morning daily; fresh) news and analysis on salient business topics. One of the newsletters covers technology (the “Eye on Tech” newsletter). Interestingly, this newsletter designed for Wall Street investors, is one of the best newsletters I have found to stay ahead of near term technology trends as they are deployed and brought to market (over the next few years).

This week’s (second) edition of Science Links features several articles from the Seeking Alpha “Eye on Tech” newsletter, which is authored by Eric Jhonsa. I would like to attributed the summaries to him as they are paraphrased from the newsletter. The graphics are also attributed to the newsletter and/or the linked articles (the original source material for Eric).

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