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Race to 40! Progress Update

I can’t believe it has been 9 days since I launched the “Race to 40!” challenge to accomplish the three goals I set myself before my 40th birthday on June 26th.

To recap, the three goals are to:
1. Post to my blog at least once per day; this is a minor goal, but required to bring my blog to life; this week I score my progress towards this goal a 9/10;
2. Compete in my first half marathon; I am targeting a fairly challenging time of less than 2 hours; I consider this a major goal; this week I score my progress towards this goal a 6.5/10; and
3. Finish and self-publish my novella; this is a major life goal of mine; this week I score my progress towards this goal a 4/10.

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Toilet flushing

Shit happens!

This Monday morning I woke up full of enthusiasm for the week. I had taken a particularly lazy weekend. While I hiked 11 kilometers and ran another 8 kilometers, I say lazy because I did not get any work done; I define work as working on my book, blog, angel investing or entrepreneurial projects. When I don’t get much done a degree of healthy stress builds up within me and kind of zaps me into an intense state of productivity similar to the effects of a triple macchiato.

Come Monday morning I was rearing to go, full of stress, ideas, and energy to get started on conquering the world (i.e. finishing my novella, typing up a blog post or three, finalizing some contracts, etc. etc.).

Three hours after breakfast, I found myself waiting for a plumber, half the day gone, with none of the objectives met. What happened?

As I alluded to at the start of this post, shit happened, literally.

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